Why do men have such big feet?

25 Mar

The first sock complete and on a foot.

I feel bad that I haven’t written a post in awhile, though not for lack of trying. I would love nothing more than to triumphantly write all about how these socks for Ismael are off my needles and I’m on to smaller and brighter pairs, but that’s not the case. Why? because he has big stupid man feet.

Men, for some unfathomable reason probably divined to annoy knitters, have evolved to have some pretty big feet. I suppose that’s good for supporting their larger frames and all that crap, but it’s not so good for knitting socks with tiny yarn. The first sock took me over 12 hours. Yeah, I know, half a day. And now, I’m only a few inches into the next sock. I haven’t had as much dedicated knitting time this week for some reason, so after some hardcore concentrating this weekend, I hope to report that these socks are at least closer to being finished, but his feet aren’t getting any smaller, and I’ve got miles to go.

A little about the sock that is done:

  • This is the first pattern I’ve written myself. I thought it through, wrote a little chart, compared existing patterns and ran some tests. This is very much my pattern, and I’m extremely happy with the end product.
  • I’ve decided to name these Writer Socks, and when they’re all done, I’ll explain why.
  • This yarn is that good old Berroco Comfort Sock I adore so much in a colorway called Dunedin, which is a very fun word to say over and over in your head as you alternate knitting and purling.
  • This doesn’t really have to do with the sock at all, just please ignore the general mess you see behind it. If Ismael didn’t have such big feet and it didn’t take so very long to knit him socks, I’m sure my  house would look cleaner, I’m just sure of it.

After these are done, I think I’m going to breath a big sigh of relief for a day or so, and continue to search for patterns to use on the two colorways (Autumn and Pacific NW) of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Handpainted Sock Candy I have waiting in the queue…

Until next time, I’ll be knitting.


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