5 Things This Knitter Wants

3 Mar

For the most part I am very pleased with my knitting supplies. Over the past few years I have accumulated all the must-haves for my projects. However, there are always a few nagging things that would just make my project planning, knitting and garment care so much easier.

My current knitting wishlist looks like this:

  1. Last year I purchased my KnitPicks interchangable nickel-plated circular needle set. I love it, and use it for just about everything. However, for sock knitting I need much smaller needles, and I find myself limited in the patterns I can complete with my current collection of small circular and DPN (double-pointed needles). This set of DPNs from KnitPicks is also nickel-plated for speed, and for $34.99 contains six sets of needles in the most common sock-knitting sizes, including those pesky half sizes.
  2. I sometimes wish I could get more into lace knitting. Bamboo is vegan and works beautifully for creating lace shawls and scarves. However, to create that gorgeous openwork lace look you have to block. This means socking and pinning your knitwear down to a surface to dry in a certain shape. These $24.99 puzzle blocks will allow for 9 sq. ft. of blocking.
  3. I have cable needles. I don’t really need new ones. But aren’t these rosewood Lantern Moon needles just so pretty? They are straight, rather than the regular hook style, and they have little ridges in the middle to hold your stitches while you do intricate cable work. I don’t like to knit with wood needles in general, but for cabling wood works great because of that special way the needle grips the fibers and keeps them from slipping around. $10.50.
  4. I generally use circular needles for all of my projects. Even for flat knitting or small circular tubes, I just like the cable between the needles and will find a way to avoid using straights or DPNs if possible. Unfortunately this means I have a TON of circular needles that get all tangled up in my knitting bags. For only $26.50 the ability to organize my needles in the Namaste Circular Needle Case by size without tangling or losing any would be worth every penny.
  5. This is the biggest ticket item on my list at $99.99, but the Laundry Pod is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. This is a small, hand-operated washing machine. It uses no electricity, 1/5 the amount of detergent as a normal load of laundry, about a gallon of water, and can hold up to three towels. I don’t think I would use this to wash towels, but it would sure earn its keep in washing the 11 (and counting) pairs of handknit socks in our house. I knit most of my socks with machine-washable yarn, but it’s still stressful to toss something you spend so much time creating into your devil-may-care washing machine. I could probably even get sweaters, hats, scarves and mittens into this thing for a good washing, but now I’m just dreaming big.

One Response to “5 Things This Knitter Wants”

  1. darciad 03/03/2012 at 10:23 PM #

    Get the circular needle case. It’s SO worth it! I love love love mine. AND it’s purple! : )

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