14 May

I don’t get a lot of messages on Ravelry. I don’t have many “friends” on the site, and my projects don’t generally make waves. So imagine my surprise when I logged into my account this evening for a little yarn browsing and I saw a new message.

From Ann Budd.

The knitwear designer Ann Budd.

She left a simple, nice comment on my farmer’s market bag (see below), which she of course designed: “Great job–I love it in cotton!”

I guess I knew deep down that knitwear designers are real people, and since they’re knitters they’re probably very nice real people, but I’m still amazed. It never occurred to me that someone as cool and talented as Ann Budd cruised Ravelry just like me, dropping in on people who knit her designs and giving simple encouragement.

It’s exactly what I needed at the beginning of a long week. Thanks, Ann.


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