Knitting is not a sport…

21 Jun

… but it takes a lot of time, effort and skill.

I’m only writing this post because my blog has seen a lot of traffic today from people Googling “Ravelympics” due to the controversy.

I won’t recap the whole ordeal (read an article here, and a blog post from the Yarn Harlot here) but the term “Ravelympics” can no longer be applied to the upcoming knitting events that happen to take place during the Olympics and are registered on Ravelry.

Basically, the US Olympic Committee took legal offense to the name (I guess they own “Olympics” and the rings) and although the events will still happen, they’ll have to be named something else.

They included a patronizing insult to the knitting community in their legal letter, and later submitted a half-assed apology, but regardless of this whole mess, I still intend to participate in my Olympic-time sweater project. Something else will likely be on TV, but I’ll participate.

To all knitters who are as saddened and personally hurt by the callous opinion of the USOC regarding our merit as champions of a craft, just remember that they have to wear store-bought socks. It makes me feel better.


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