Cozy Partridge Coffee Sweater

Cozy Partridge Coffee Sweater

If you’re looking for a quick, easy project to bust those little balls of leftover sock yarn from your stash, the Cozy Partridge Coffee Sweater is your new best friend. This project makes a great eco-friendly gift for your friends, family or yourself. Keep one (or four) in your purse and help protect the planet by passing on cardboard coffee sleeves. Click on the image to the left for the free pattern PDF. Happy knitting!


River Ripple Hat

River Ripple Hat

The River Ripple Hat features a garter stitch and cable brim, and a body with purl ridges progressing at smaller increments toward the

crown, reminiscent of the expanding ripples in a pool of water. A buckle or button feature on the brim can make this hat stylish or funky to suit your taste. Click on the image to the left for the free pattern!


Sock Label Template and Instructions (.doc)

2 Responses to “Patterns”

  1. marian chodacki 09/27/2013 at 6:27 PM #

    please ,what is c4f mean,i’m not a beginner,but was raised in switzerland thank you

    • bpallares 09/30/2013 at 2:43 PM #

      Marian, C4F means you are cabling over four stitches total (two in front and two in back, and you want to hold the first two stitches of the cable to the front of the work while you knit the other two.

      C= Cable
      4= Four stitches
      F= Hold stitches in front

      I hope that helps!

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