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Baby Blue Vest

18 Aug

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My nephew will be born in the next couple of weeks. Even though babies can’t comprehend the time and effort that goes into hand-knit items, I hope all the affection I poured into these stitches will sink into his soft little body and help him know he is loved.

The pattern, Viggo, is for a little striped vest, but I love this so much more. The main yarn is Araucania Lontue, a thick/thin light fingering weight cotton/linen blend. It’s not as soft as most baby yarns due to the linen content, but it will get softer with wear and washing, and as a vest it will be worn over shirts or onesies. Check out more technical details on my Ravelry page.

I got this yarn on closeout when one of my local yarn shops decided to shut down, and I used about half of one skein for this vest. I will definitely use the remaining yarn to make another baby vest or sweater, because I think this is too cute.

It’s not often that I don’t want to let go of a knitted item, but I’m sorry to see this leave. I won’t be around to see my nephew while he’s a little babe (they live several states away) so I won’t even get to enjoy cuddling him while he wears this. But I guess that’s what you get when you live away from your family.

This also makes a great companion for the striped bonnet I knit this spring.



12 Apr

Progress continues on my nerdtastic TARDIS socks, and we’re in the final stretch as I’m currently knitting the foot of the second sock. I’m about 4 inches, a toe, and some loose ends from completion. I estimate it will be a few more Doctor Who episodes worth of knitting before they’re complete.

In other news, I’ve cast on a new pair of socks, but the details of these socks are a secret. We’ve now entered a very long part of my year: Present season.

I know, most of the socks I’ve knit so far have been gifted away, but these were not really presents, therefore not really secrets. Now we have real holidays coming up, and the element of surprise is non-negotiable.

Sorry folks, but Mother’s Day, a whole summer of birthdays and the impending doom that is Christmas means there are going to be a lot of secrets on this blog in the foreseeable future.

But, I won’t leave you high and dry. I can still write about knitting these present socks without spilling too many details to the intended recipients. You can read all about my frustration and elation with patterns, yarn and deadlines. And I certainly won’t be knitting gifts exclusively, so about half of my projects can be fully exposed to the public and Interwebs.

The gift socks currently on my needles shall be Mama’s Day socks, for my wonderful and crafty mother. She’s a quilter, chef, pragmatist and fervent enabler of my knitting habit. She deserves some socks, and I know just the ones.

I won’t reveal further details – as per the nature of a secret – and I’m too new to the pattern to have any real feedback. However, I will say these socks are being knit with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in a warm brown colorway called Bison.

The yarn, two teeny skeins of gloriously stretchy bamboo/cotton/nylon blend, are from The Loopy Ewe, an online yarn shop with serious customer service skills. My order arrived within days, along with a handwritten note from the operator wishing me happy knitting, little yarn samples, and a neat plastic needle chart to track my tools. Bravo. Buy from these fine folks, I certainly will again.

Since I’m keeping secrets and holding back the TARDIS socks for the big reveal, I don’t have any sock pictures for you. Instead, have some yarn porn.


Araucania Ruca. DK weight, 263 yards. 100% Sugarcane. I have three skeins.