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Writer Socks

4 Apr

Finished Writer socks modeled by Ish

They’re done!

Ismael’s Writer Socks are complete at last. These are special socks in that they are the first I have ever designed myself, and also because they commemorate my husband’s first publication.

Ish is going to college for creative writing and recently found out a lyrical essay he wrote in his first semester at school was selected for publication by a literary journal. I’m extremely proud and there’s  no better way to reward good work than with socks.

These are writer socks because:

  1. They are for a writer
  2. They are perfect for the writer lifestyle – comfy garter cuff and flap heel say, “Take it easy, have another latte.”
  3. They are perfect for the college student lifestyle – ribbing on the leg and foot keep this sock in place while the writer books it across campus to his next class
  4. They look nice, and writers appreciate aestheticism just as much as utility. Can’t you just see yourself, legs stretched out from a small café table in 1920s Paris with these peeking out of your pants? I can.

On another note, these socks match our carpet perfectly, which is unexpected and not entirely appreciated for the sake of photographing them.

Since I finished the Writer Socks Saturday evening and still had some energy in my fingers, I gingerly cast on a new project. This project was stressful for me to start, because it includes colorwork, which I have never done before and have heard some scary stories about. I was convinced I would muck it all up, ruin the yarn I bought specifically for these socks and feel like a knitting failure for all time. This was not the case.

Allow me to introduce my new project:

Time And Relative Dimension In Socks.

TARDIS - Doctor Who

I’m totally geeking out.