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Blue Eyes

23 Feb

My father is the only person in my family with blue eyes (with the exception of some of his relatives, whom I never interact with). The rest of us have brown, hazel or green eyes.

Aside from being the object of my mother’s eternal affection, these blue eyes are the standout feature I always think of when I think of my dad. They’re very pale, often gray, and look even better now that his hair and beard are silver.

When I first starting looking for yarns to make Dad a pair of socks, the Hari Hari colorway of Berroco Comfort Sock jumped out at me. The self-striping blend of ocean gray to sky-through-an-icicle blue just screamed “DAD!”

So, I’m now about 1 1/4 ways into the Blue Eyes Socks for my parents’ upcoming visit (10 days and counting…).

As you’ll see, there is a rather small ball of this yarn left to complete this sock in the alloted time and I’m not convinced it will happen. The yardage assures me there will be enough, the weight of the ball and the completed sock continually pass my “hold in separate hands with eyes closed” measurement system – but I’m just not sure. Following the example of the Yarn Harlot, I will knit the rest of the sock very fast and try to outrun the yarn.

IF the socks are finished by the time my parents arrive, I’ll have to decide between holding them to Dad’s eyes or feet first.