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Christmas Birds

20 Dec
Flash on a Julekuler

Flash the parrotlet warmed right up to the new blue bird. Photo by Kristine Paulsen.

Yesterday I delivered another Julekuler (Christmas Ball) to its new home. My good friend Kristine is, in a way, responsible for this blog. Five years ago she succeeded where many others had failed. She taught me to knit. I’ll never forget the way we sat on the floor of her house and she instructed me to grab my bamboo needles like I was going to stab someone under the ribs. Apparently, this is how I learn best.

A couple of months ago – when I first received my 55 Christmas Balls to Knit book – one pattern in particular jumped off the page and yelled, “Knit me for Kristine!”

Kristine is a bird-lover. She’s had many birds over the years, and the whole time I’ve known her she’s had two birds: Flash the parrotlet (pictured) and Mozart the pretty yellow canary. These little guys are bursting with personality, and in all the times I’ve played with them or cared for them while Kristine was out of town, I’ve developed a new respect for our feathered friends.

So, what better way to thank my friend for giving me the gift of knitting – and also wishing Flash and Mozart a Happy Christmas – than to knit them a “Bird on a Branch” Julekuler?

Though Flash is sometimes wary of new objects, Kristine reports he warmed up to the new blue bird in the house right away, as evidenced by the picture above.

Happy Christmas to Kristine, Flash, Mozart and pets everywhere!